[OPINION] Why Always MOK?


[OPINION] Why Always MOK?


By Temitope Muhideen (Convydence)

In the year 1996, two years before her death, Diana, Princess of Wales was asked “Why do you love helping the vulnerable” She responded “Nothing brings me more happiness than trying to help the most vulnerable people in society. It’s a goal and an essential part of my life – a kind of destiny.”

The story above highlights how kind-hearted individuals have been supporting vulnerable people over time. Often, these individuals are driven by a passion for community development or a desire to give back to society. This writer hopes to convey a message to the elites in different communities about the importance of helping the vulnerable during this critical time. The author uses Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode (MOK) as an example.

A few days ago, while investigating a report in Kwara South and Kwara Central, I sat beside two elderly women who were traveling to purchase farm products for their resale business. One of them mentioned to the other that if it weren’t for MOK, she would have been bedridden due to depression. She had spent her business money on her sick son, but MOK gave her money to start again. The other woman added that MOK had paid the hospital bills for her brother’s daughter just last month. I listened attentively and asked if they knew MOK personally, but they both replied no. I wondered why MOK was always helping people and the rest is history.

Alhaji Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode MOK, originally from Offa, is a philanthropist, real estate realtor, and the founder of the popular MOK Foundation. He is a successful individual who has risen from humble beginnings, having grown up with little or nothing to show for. Despite facing several challenges in life, he has achieved wealth and fortune and is now dedicated to giving back to the community that supported him through his hardships. In 2023, he launched the MOK Foundation, a humanitarian and charity organization aimed at serving the community.

MOK Foundation has touched the lives of the vulnerable in the last one year since it was established, granting interest-free loans to petty traders mostly in Offa and Oyun LGAs of Kwara state, there have been various reports on the foundation’s timely intervention in all aspects of human endeavors, a few months ago MOK Foundation embarked on education sanitation in Offa and Oyun LGAs, the foundation paid the Waec fee of 135 underprivileged students in various secondary schools, in continuation of making everyone count, the foundation paid JAMB fee of about 250 students who had earlier meet certain requirements, reports had it that “that step is one of a kind in the entire district.”

In recent news, MOK has distributed more than 100 solar lights to transformers in Offa town to address the increasing issue of cable vandalism. Additionally, local farmers were given tractors for temporary use without any charges. Alhaji Muhydeen is not only helping the underprivileged but also uplifting his colleagues, friends, and associates. During my journey to Igbaja a few weeks ago, I heard from an eyewitness how MOK changes the lives of his close friends by providing them with projects to execute. I asked myself whether he was doing all of this for political gain. However, I concluded that even if it’s for political reasons, he has the right to vote and be voted for, as enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and he cannot take back all that he has done over time.

On the 13th of February 2024, I visited Owode Market in Offa to gather opinions from beneficiaries of MOK empowerment. The testimonials were overwhelming, with everyone from meat and pepper sellers to POS operators chanting the slogan “MOK is OK”. One of the beneficiaries, Rafiu Rondo, a 27-year-old butcher, shared his personal experience of the impact of MOK on his life. He also narrated stories of many others in the market. Rondo concluded by saying, “May MOK find reasons to contest the election. I will support him with every drop of blood that flows in my mind.”

After visiting the Owode market, I took a tour around Offa town, visiting places like Amuyo, Itafa, Olohunkuse, Eebokilale, Tipper Garage, Eesa Junction, and more. I noticed that the majority of transformers in these areas were attached to MOK Solar.

In my opinion, contributing to society will further promote progress and alleviate people from extreme poverty as the government alone cannot address all the issues. I implore the esteemed members of various communities to be the MOK and beacon of hope for their fellow citizens. Nigerians require assistance during this critical period.

Ojediran Temitope Muhideen is the Publisher of Confidence News NG and a member of Greenfield Library Limited, Atlanta Georgia, USA

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