MOK Foundation Restores Hope, Repairs Borehole Across Kwara South


MOK Foundation Restores Hope, Repairs Borehole Across Kwara South


In a significant move to address water scarcity in rural communities, the MOK Foundation has embarked on a commendable initiative to repair over 50 damaged boreholes across Kwara South.

Communities such as Agbeku in Ifelodun Local Government, Oore Community in Ifelodun Local Government, Gaa Saabo Yaro Alenibare in Oyun Local Government, and Gaa Jowuro in Isin Local Government have been the focus of this massive repair effort.

Residents of these villages expressed their joy and relief as the once-dysfunctional boreholes were brought back to life by the MOK Foundation. Mallam Aminu Yisa, representing the Fulani community in Gaa Jowuro Isin, expressed gratitude, highlighting the significant impact on their health and well-being.

Similar sentiments echoed in Agbeku, where residents celebrated the restoration of two boreholes in their town after years of deprivation. The newfound access to clean water has brought renewed hope and convenience to these communities.

Alhaji Tunde Salaudeen, a key member of the foundation, reaffirmed their commitment to enhancing the lives of ordinary citizens. He emphasized the foundation’s vision, driven by the passion of its founder, QS Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode, to uplift communities and provide vital support.

The borehole repair project involved comprehensive assessments, replacement of damaged parts, and the installation of new pumps and pipes. Importantly, community members actively participated in the process, contributing labor and support to the repair teams.

The successful completion of the project has elicited widespread excitement and appreciation from the community. Access to clean water has not only improved health outcomes but also boosted economic activities as residents can now focus on farming and other productive endeavors.

This initiative underscores the transformative impact of collaborative and community-led initiatives. It serves as a testament to the profound difference that collective efforts can make in improving people’s lives.

Looking ahead, the community is eager for continued support and maintenance to ensure the longevity of the boreholes and sustained access to clean water for generations to come.

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