MOK Foundation Extends Free Health Delivery To Another Primary Health Care Centre In Offa


MOK Foundation Extends Free Health Delivery To Another Primary Health Care Centre In Offa


In its quest to extend free health delivery in Offa Kwara State, Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode Foundation (MOK) has announced a partnership with another primary health care center in the community.

This disclosure was made on Thursday via a Facebook post on the official page of the Foundation.

According to a verifiable source, the partnership with the health care center located at Abogunugun area was third after “Olomowewe Health Centre and Lamodi Primary Health Care Centres, Offa.”

“We are thrilled to share another significant milestone in our ongoing journey to create a positive impact. The Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode Foundation (MOK) continues to make strides towards providing essential healthcare support to those who are in dire need. Our primary goal is to alleviate the burden of medical bills for this vulnerable group, ensuring they receive the treatment they require without any hindrance. It’s disheartening to witness many individuals being denied basic healthcare due to financial constraints. This is precisely why MOK Foundation is expanding its efforts to extend accessible basic healthcare to those who require it the most.

“We are delighted to announce our newest collaboration with primary health centre Abogunugun, Offa – our third healthcare partnership after a successful venture with Olomowewe Health Centre and Lamodi Primary Health Care Centre Offa.

“At MOK Foundation, we firmly believe in the transformative power of healthcare. Our unwavering commitment to uplift the less privileged within our community propels us forward. Your continued support is deeply appreciated and motivates us to pursue this noble cause.

“Together, we are actively working towards a future where well-being is a shared reality for all. We invite you to join hands with us in our mission, and together, we can make a lasting, positive impact on the lives of those in need.” The Foundation said.

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