MOK Foundation Empowers Small-Scale Business Owners With N200,000 Grant


MOK Foundation Empowers Small-Scale Business Owners With N200,000 Grant


In a heartwarming display of philanthropy, the Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode (MOK) Foundation has on Saturday, November 4th, gave a generous donation of N200,000 to women in Igbonna and environs, Oyun LG, Kwara State.

The beneficiaries were drawn from over 25 communities that are in Igbonna.

This was part of the foundation’s promise to empower over 2000 small-scale business owners in Offa and Oyun local government areas of Kwara State.

This act of kindness serves as a ray of hope for the small-scale business community in these regions, and it is expected to create a ripple effect of positive change. The N200,000 grant, according to the foundation, will be strategically managed within the beneficiary group members.

Mr. Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode, founder of MOK Foundation, was represented by Mr. Saheed Lawal and Alhaji Tunde Salaudeen, who are the foundation’s coordinators in Offa and Oyun LGAs, respectively.

During the event, the duo provided valuable insights into how the funds would be judiciously utilized to maximize their impact.

The MOK Foundation has a rich history of supporting philanthropic initiatives, and their latest venture is no exception. This time, their focus is on small-scale business owners across Offa and Oyun local government areas. The approach involves disbursing funds to beneficiaries in groups, ensuring that the benefits are shared widely and equitably.

To achieve this, the foundation has identified a total of 2,000 beneficiaries who are set to form various groups. Each group will consist of no less than 10 members, primarily composed of small-scale business owners. This strategic grouping is designed to ensure that the impact of the grants extends to a broad cross-section of the community.

One unique aspect of the MOK Foundation’s initiative is the establishment of a transparent and accountable system. Beneficiaries are required to circulate the funds within their respective groups and provide weekly progress reports through their group executives. This accountability mechanism not only promotes responsible use of the funds but also encourages collaboration and community building among the beneficiaries.

The MOK Foundation’s efforts to empower small-scale business owners in Offa and Oyun LGAs are undoubtedly a beacon of hope and a testament to the positive change that philanthropic organizations can bring to communities in need. As these small-scale entrepreneurs receive the support they require to thrive, the future is looking brighter for the entire region. This gesture exemplifies the power of community support and the unwavering commitment of the MOK Foundation to making a difference in the lives of those they serve.

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