MOK Foundation Distributes Another Batch of Solar-Powered Street Lights In Offa


MOK Foundation Distributes Another Batch of Solar-Powered Street Lights In Offa


Offa, headquarters of Offa local government area of Kwara State, witnessed another significant step towards enhancing security for transformers with the distribution of the second batch of solar-powered street lights by the Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode (MOK) Foundation.

This commendable initiative aims to tackle the alarming issue of transformer cable vandalism in the town.

Following the successful distribution of the first batch of solar-powered street lights last Thursday,

Recall, MOK Foundation distributed the first batch of street lights to nine key areas within Offa, which were affected by transformers’ vandalism. The areas were Olalomi Hospital, Blue Hostel, Iyeru Okin Bread, The Holy Place, Naval College Checkpoint, Igberiogun Community, Omo Owo, Dapson Hotel and Amuyo.

Today, Sunday August 6th, 2023, the MOK Foundation continued its efforts by handing out the second batch to the Offa community. The installation of these streetlights is expected to provide enhanced security measures for transformers across the area.

The areas are Liberation/Ajegunle Area, Olugbense Area, Paaje Compound, Deacon Opaleke street opposite Adesoye College, Government Secondary School, Layout/Ataena Area and Redeemed White Church in Lamodi.

According to Mr Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode, the founder of the foundation, “with the prevalence of vandalism targeting transformers, the MOK Foundation recognized the urgent need for action. By partnering with local authorities and community members, the foundation’s mission to address this issue is becoming a reality. The solar-powered street lights not only brighten the streets but also serve as a deterrent to potential vandals, ultimately protecting the transformers and the surrounding infrastructure.

“Through this initiative, the MOK Foundation aims to aspires to take these steps towards building a safer and more sustainable Offa.

“Also, the transformative power of renewable energy is at the core of this initiative. The adoption of solar-powered street lights aligns with the vision of sustainable development and reduces reliance on traditional energy sources. As Offa transitions towards a greener future, the introduction of these eco-friendly lights contributes to the overall environmental consciousness of the community.

“The impact of the MOK Foundation’s work extends beyond providing security for transformers. The installation of solar lighting infrastructure brings various advantages to the community as well. The brightly-lit streets will enhance safety for pedestrians, reduce the risk of accidents, and encourage a lively and vibrant nocturnal atmosphere within Offa,” he said.

Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode also expressed his gratitude to the community for their support. He emphasized the importance of ensuring uninterrupted power supply in Offa and the need for collective efforts to combat transformer vandalism.

Local residents commend the MOK Foundation for their proactive approach in addressing the issue of transformer vandalism. The distribution of the second batch of solar-powered street lights has instilled a sense of reassurance among the community members. They believe that this initiative will create a lasting impact, fostering a spirit of unity and progress within Offa.

As Offa continues to benefit from the MOK Foundation’s tireless efforts, the hope for a safer, greener, and more prosperous community becomes increasingly tangible. By harnessing the power of solar energy, the fight against transformer cable vandalism takes a considerable step forward, setting an example for other communities to follow suit.

The MOK Foundation’s dedication and commitment exemplify the potential of collaborations between local authorities, community organizations, and concerned individuals to bring about transformative change. As Offa shines brighter with each solar-powered street light, the vision of a secure and prosperous future draws ever closer.

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