How MOK Foundation’s Solar Initiative Reduces Transformer Vandalism in Offa, Surrounding Areas – Report


How MOK Foundation’s Solar Initiative Reduces Transformer Vandalism in Offa, Surrounding Areas – Report


Over the past few months, transformer cable theft and vandalism have been rampant across Offa and surrounding areas. This has greatly affected many communities by disrupting electricity, impacting businesses, and hindering socio-economic activities.

In order to curb and prevent future vandalism, the Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode (MOK) Foundation initiated a light-up project, donating solar-powered lights to illuminate transformers across Offa Local Government and environs. This generous effort by the MOK Foundation has now covered over 90 percent of transformers in Offa and nearby vicinities.

Our efforts have brought light and security to:

1. Iyeru Okin Bread Transformer

2. The Only Place Transformer, Amuyo 1

3. Olalomi Transformer

4. Omo Owo Transformer

5. Navy Checkpoint Transformer, Women Progressive

6. After Navy Transformer, Igberi Okun

7. Government Secondary School Transformer, Opposite Health Tech

8. Solid Worth Area Transformer

9. White Church Transformer, Adeleke Area Offa

10. Deacon Opaleke Transformer, Opposite Adesoye College Offa

11. Liberation Area Transformer, Ajegunle

12. Dapson Area Transformer

13. Blue Hostel Transformer

14. Emiola Transformer

15. Ile Paje Area Transformer

16. IDI Ogun Transformer

17. MOW Transformer, Opposite Summit University

18. Olalomi Sec Sch Transformer

19. Popo Area Transformer, Tafa Ijoba

20. Atan Oba Junction Transformer

21. Dangote House Transformer, Muu Road

22. Anilerin Pri Sch Transformer, Ayaba

23. Atari 3 Transformer, A&T Bread

24. Obatiwajoye Transformer

25. Medical 2 Transformer, Besides Poly Guest House, St Clare’s College

26. Layout 2 Transformer, Olorunkuse Area

27. Offa Local Government Secretariat Transformer

28. Corpers Lodge Transformer, Goodness Road

29. Odofa Transformer

30. Little Saint Transformer

31. Akowe Elere Transformer

32. Alheri Sawmail Transformer

33. Opposite JK House Transformer

34. Obanimomo Transformer

35. Alubata Transformer

36. OKIN FM 2 Transformer, Opposite Amigun House, Ippe Road

37. YIDI Transformer, Opposite Thermocool Offa

38. Isale Yidi 2 Transformer

39. AUD Ijagbo Transformer, Ijagbo Oyun Local Government

40. Aleshinloye Transformer

41. Atagi Transformer, Igosun Road

42. Egunkara Transformer, Igosun Road

43. Gaa Olomifunfun Transformer

44. Nawair ud Deen Primary Sch Transformer

45. Kereaje Transformer, Ojoku Road

46. OLUGBENSE Pry Sch Transformer

47. Layout 1 Transformer, Olorunkuse Area

48. Beside Rondo House Transformer

49. Isokan Area Transformer, Ikotun Road

50. Borak Community, Ikotun Road

51. Saint Mark Cathedral Church Transformer

52. Iwalewa Transformer

53. ODU Transformer

54. Avalon Junction

55. Amuyo 2

56. Amuyo 3 Pennywise Area

57. Government Day Area

58. Moremi Sec Sch Area Transformer

59. Akoye via Chief Imam Area

60. Open University Area, Igosun Rd, Offa

61. Abisam Transformer Area, Igosun Rd

62. Babalasun Sawmail Area Transformer, Igosun Rd

63. Agun Roundabout Transformer

64. Afelele River Transformer

65. Afelele 2 Area, Adato Transformer

66. GRA 2 Transformer

67. OKIN FM 1 Transformer

68. IPEE RD Transformer, Front of Kawlaq Mosque

69. Owode 2 Transformer, Front of Captain Cook

70. Ijakadi, Front of OGS Small Gate

71. Ejiwumi Area Transformer

72. Front of Olorunkuse House Transformer

73. Mayashau Area Transformer

74. Alayin Area, Kanmonu Alayin Transformer

75. Henge Area Transformer

76. Medical 4 Obanimomo Area Transformer

77. Jangbo Community Area

78. Jaburata Area Transformer Atari

79. Essa Compound Transformer

80. Adeleke 2 Besides Etisalat Mast

81. Inside OGS Transformer, Front of Boys Hostel

82. Abuja Gate, Graveyard

83. White House Transformer, Along Lens Poly Atari

84. Ayetoro Transformer Offa

85. Olorunkuse Transformer, Opposite Alaba Market Offa

86. Lamodi Area Transformer, Behind Etisalat

87. GRA Transformer, Opposite Alh Bukoye House

88. Moselu Village Transformer

89. Igboidun Community Transformer

90. Sawmill Transformer Along Ojoku Road

Since the solar lights were installed across these transformers, cable theft has dropped dramatically. We are thrilled to see our foundation’s work making an impact in deterring vandalism and subsequent power outages. The community response has been overwhelmingly positive as well.

Providing lighting for these transformers shows our commitment to supporting infrastructure and public amenities in Offa. We believe simple solutions like solar lights can go a long way in serving the people.

On behalf of our founder, Mr. Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode, we thank you for your continued faith in the MOK Foundation. Expect more community-uplifting projects from us soon!

Together, we’re brightening lives and fostering a safer, well-lit community.

Thank you for supporting MOK Foundation!

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